How do I buy an investment I already hold?

The easiest way to buy an investment you already hold is to log in to; you'll see your investments in your Account summary view. Just select the orange 'Deal' button and then 'Buy'.

If you only hold the investment in a single account then by default we'll set your order ticket to buy the investment in that account. All you have to do is set the amount you'd like to invest; this figure can be anything up to the figure shown under 'Cash available to invest', which may sometimes be a little less than the total cash in that account because some could be ring-fenced for fees, charges, another pending deal, or a regular savings plan.

1. Find it

You'll see your current holdings in your Account summary screen

2. Select the investment

When you hit the Deal button, select 'Buy'

3. Enter an amount

Enter any amount up to the 'Cash available to invest figure' (Add cash if you need to)

4. Place your order

Make sure you read the important documents

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