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Tax information

A helpful guide to what you need to know about tax and your investments.

Help with your tax

Reporting funds – UK Tax Guides
Certain share classes within the Fidelity International fund ranges have elected to be ‘Reporting Funds’ for UK tax purposes.

Annual Tax Voucher
Annual Tax Voucher 2016/2017 - A general guide to help you (pdf)

Changes to Scottish Income Tax rates

Quick solutions

Power of attorney

More information about how to register Power of Attorney with us

Power of Attorney

Quick solutions


Guiding you through what to do when someone passes away

Losing a loved one

Quick solutions

Moving abroad

If you tell us you’re moving abroad we will place temporary restrictions on your account, in part because we’re not licensed to offer products and services in other countries.

If you let us know you’re moving you will not be able to switch funds, or add new money to your account. You’ll still be able to move money into cash, but not back again. While you can withdraw money at any time, we can only send money to a UK bank account.

You can change your address by logging in and going to the ‘Personal Details’ section of your account and editing your contact details, or by calling us.

Please let us know if you move back to the UK and we’ll lift the restrictions.

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Important legal information

Find out more about the policies and regulations that guide our business and help safeguard our investors.

Statutory and Regulatory Disclosures

Fidelity has multiple levels of protection for your money in the event that something goes wrong. View our Statutory and Regulatory disclosures for further information.