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Urs Antonioli heads investment management and research for Emerging Europe, the Middle East and Latin America at UBS Asset Management. He manages a team of analysts researching companies, industries and countries in the above region. Urs is a member of the UBS Asset Management Emerging Markets Strategy Committee. Urs began his financial career by joining the UBS Zurich graduate training programme in 1994. In 1995 he moved to UBS Asset Management to launch and manage the first UBS emerging market fund investing in Eastern European countries. From 1996 to 2000, his responsibilities comprised management of all Eastern European portfolios managed at UBS. He has spent more than eight years in research activities, specializing in energy, telecommunications, basic materials and the technology sector. He took up his present position in August 2001.


Projit Chatterjee is a Senior Equity Specialist within the Global Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities team at UBS Asset Management, based in Singapore. He is also a member of the Global Emerging Markets Strategy Committee and co-manager of the GEM High Dividend funds. Projit has primary responsibility for overall product positioning and development of Emerging
Investment HouseUBS
Fund ProviderUBS Asset Management Funds Ltd
ManagerUrs Antonioli   Biography
ManagerProjit Chatterjee   Biography

Fund Objective The UBS Emerging Markets Equity Income Fund is an actively managed fund which invests more than 80% in emerging markets' equities and intends to achieve a historicyield on the distributable income of at least 120% of the MSCI Emerging Markets yield. Through our internal research process the manager invests in companies which we believe are undervalued by the market with the potential to deliver dividend income, at the time of purchase.

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Fund TypeOEIC
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Morningstar CategoryTMGlobal Emerging Markets Equity
Dividend FrequencyTwice Yearly
Historic Yield3.99%

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