Polar Capital Technology Trust

Buy Price (as of 21/09/2018) £13.22  Sell Price (as of 21/09/2018) £13.20   Day Change :  0.76%     Fund Code:  PCTLL 

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Annual Charges

Fund Features

Product Eligibility
Investment FundYes
Fidelity SIPP
SIPP (bought before 18/02/13)N/A
Minimum Investment
Top up£25
Monthly Savings� 25

Dividend Information

Historic Yield -
Distribution Yield -
Underlying Yield -
Dividend FrequencyYearly
Ex-Div DatePer Share AmountReinvestment Price
Source: Morningstar

Fund Facts

Fiscal Year EndApril
Fund Size  as of  31/08/2011£412.59million
Fund Code for ISAPCTLL
Fund Code for Non ISAPCTLL
Fund TypeExchange Traded Product
Fund Comparative Index* -
Fund Launch Date16/12/1996
** Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities

Fund Provider

Fund Provider NamePolar Capital LLP
Country of registrationUnited Kingdom
Phone+44 (0)20 7227 2700
AddressPolar Capital LLP
16 Palace Street
SW1E 5JD London
United Kingdom
Source: Morningstar

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