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Fidelity Buy Out Plan for Sun Microsystems Limited

Retirement & Death Benefits Scheme

The Trustees of the Sun Microsystems Limited Retirement & Death Benefits Scheme have established with Fidelity, a Buy Out Plan to help you to continue to save for retirement. The Buy Out Plan enables you to keep certain rights from the old Scheme and the Trustees have negotiated favourable terms on a group basis with Fidelity International. This website has been set up so that you can access more information about the Fidelity Buy Out Plan and the funds available.

Retirement Planning Tools

To help assist you with your retirement planning requirements perhaps the best way to start is with our planning tools below:

Investor Profiler

This tool assesses your investment style, compares it to your current life stage and illustrates an appropriate investment mix.

Investor Profiler


This tool will give you a quick and general indication of the level of retirement savings you will need to continue your current lifestyle in retirement.


Retirement Planner

This tool will enable you to create a more detailed plan of how to achieve your retirement income needs.

Retirement Planner

Please note that these are educational tools and should only be used as a guide. Fidelity does not give advice.

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