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Fidelity Voice ID

Account security as unique as your voice

How it works

When you speak to Fidelity from now on, Voice ID will detect your unique ‘voice print‘ in the first few moments of the call. This will be enough to verify your identity.

Makes calls easier

You no longer need to remember any PINs or passwords, making your interactions safer and more convenient.

Safe and secure

We’re committed to using the most advanced technology to protect your information and accounts. Fidelity Voice ID uses digital encryption to safeguard you against fraud.

Nice to know

Voice ID uses the unique combination of the physical and behavioural characteristics of your voice and works even if you have a sore throat or cold.

Fidelity Voice ID FAQs

How do I enroll in Fidelity Voice ID?
What is a voice print?
Does registering for Fidelity Voice ID cost anything?
Is Fidelity Voice ID secure?
To registering for Fidelity Voice ID, will I need a specific phrase prepared?
Will Fidelity Voice ID work if, in the future, my voice sounds a bit different?
What if my voice changes over time?
What if I sound a lot like someone else in my family? Is my voice print truly unique?
Will Fidelity Voice ID work if I'm calling from somewhere noisy or if the phone connection is poor?
What happens if my voice print is not recognized?
Can my voice print be stolen?
How many voice prints can be on my account?
Can I set up Fidelity Voice ID when I'm in a Fidelity Investor Center?
Can I use Fidelity Voice ID on behalf of someone for whom I am a caregiver or hold power of attorney?
What if I don't want to use Fidelity Voice ID anymore?