Internal Power of Attorney

If you want to authorise someone to transact on your Fidelity account/s, you can use the Fidelity Accounts Power of Attorney.

The Fidelity Accounts Power of Attorney allows you to appoint an attorney to:

  • Manage your accounts, including placing instructions to deal in your investments
  • Add or withdraw money, either online or over the phone using your credentials

However, a Fidelity Accounts Power of Attorney can’t be used to:

  • Appoint an attorney for any other purpose than transacting on your Fidelity accounts
  • Appoint an attorney for someone with a mental disorder or other mental incapacity
  • Appoint an attorney on a trustee account
  • Open a current year ISA, unless the applicant is physically incapable of signing the form
  • Transact on certain accounts including:
    • A Junior ISA or Junior SIPP
    • Accounts for products administered by Standard Life

Please note that we don’t recommend sharing of passwords or PINS. You can read about how you can keep yourself safe online.

How to register

You can complete our internal Power of Attorney form and send it to the address below. Please note that we can’t accept certified copies of the Fidelity-specific Power of Attorney.

We may also need identification documents for your nominated attorney; in which case, we’ll let you know.

Send us your documents at:

Fidelity International
Oakhill House,
130 Tonbridge Road
TN11 9DZ

Attorney identification requirements

In order to comply with Money Laundering Regulations, we’re required to confirm the identity of all investors and their associated representatives controlling or funding investments on their behalf.

We may use an online referencing agency for this purpose (who will record an enquiry has been made) or request the submission of documentary evidence. Until the identities of all associated individuals have been verified, restrictions will be applied and will remain in place until outstanding verification has been obtained. These restrictions will not affect the value of the investment, but may prevent certain transactions from being completed.

Documentary evidence requested in order to complete verification of identity will be in the form of one document from each of the list below for each associated representative along with the submission of a completed ‘Identification Guidelines Form’:

* Photo card driving licences can only be submitted as proof of name OR proof of address, not both.

Please note that we only accept original or clearly certified copies of the original documents. If you choose to send in certified copies, please ensure that independent certification is obtained from the list of approved certifiers.

List of approved certifiers

  • Director, Officer or Manager or a regulated financial services business (e.g Bank Manager)
  • Lawyer
  • Judge/ Magistrate
  • Solicitor
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Police or Customs Officer
  • Notary Public

In addition the Post Office offers a document certification service

  • The words "I have seen the original document and I certify this to be a true copy of the original"
  • The certifier's signature and printed name in full
  • The date of signing
  • Details of the certifier's professional capacity. The official/institution stamp should be applied as appropriate
  • The certifier’s full address and postcode
  • The certifier’s telephone number