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Fund Updates

Changes to Fidelity Funds

Fidelity will be making changes to a number of Fidelity Funds in the coming months. The changes are designed to evolve Fidelity’s product line-up to meet changing client needs. Full details of the changes, including effective dates, can be found in the Shareholder Notice and Appendix below.

Shareholder Notice


Changes to some Fidelity Active STrategy and Fidelity Funds

On 6 December 2021 the funds listed below will be merged with their respective Receiving Fund. Full details of these mergers, including sample KIIDS, are available by clicking on the links below.

Merging Fund

Receiving Fund

FAST - UK Fund

Fidelity Funds - UK Special Situations Fund


Fidelity Funds - Sustainable US Equity Fund

Shareholder Notice and Appendix

UK Special Situations Fund sample KIID

Sustainable US Equity Fund sample KIID

Mergers of a number of Funds of Fidelity Funds

Between 20 September 2021 and 22 November 2021 the funds listed below will be merged with their respective Receiving Fund.  Full details of these mergers, including sample KIIDS, are available by clicking on the links below. 

Merging Fund

Receiving Fund

Fidelity Funds - Fidelity Patrimoine

Fidelity Funds - Global Multi Asset Income Fund

Fidelity Funds - Fidelity Selection Internationale

Fidelity Funds - Sustainable Global Equity Fund

Fidelity Funds - Emerging Markets Inflation-linked Bond Fund

Fidelity Funds - Emerging Market Local Currency Debt Fund

Shareholder Notice and Appendix

Global Multi Asset Income Fund sample KIID

Sustainable Global Equity Fund sample KIID

Emerging Market Local Currency Debt Fund sample KIID  

Update to Prospectus of Fidelity Funds

As of 1 September 2021 we will be updating the definition of ‘Valuation Date’ in the Prospectus for the Luxembourg domiciled SICAV fund range so that ‘Valuation Date’ will consist of each week day, excluding 25 December and 1 January, as well as any other day which the Directors have determined, in the best interests of investors, as non-Valuation Dates for specific funds. 

This update of the Prospectus may reduce the number of days during which shares of the funds may be subscribed for, redeemed and/or exchanged. 

The list of expected non-Valuation Days will be available at:

Shareholder Notice

Fidelity Funds – Global Multi Asset Tactical Defensive Fund

As previously communicated, Fidelity Funds is repositioning some of its cross-border funds to ensure they remain aligned to shifting client demand. Part of this change includes the repurpose of the FF - Global Multi Asset Tactical Defensive Fund into the FF - Global Multi Asset Defensive Fund. The base currency of the fund will be changed as part of this process.

In order to facilitate the repurpose and base currency change of the fund and to protect the interests of all existing investors, the Board of Fidelity Funds has taken a decision to partially close any new subscriptions or switches in for one business day prior to repurpose Effective Date. By working with you to control fund flows, we aim to ensure a smooth transition to the new fund structure over the migration weekend. Existing investors will not be able to purchase or top-up existing holdings for one day prior to the repurpose date (see table below). Redemptions or switches out can be instructed as normal. We thank you for your cooperation in this regard and look forward to being able to continue to protect the longer-term interests of your investment in this fund.


Fund Start of partial closure End of partial closure Repurpose Effective Date

FF - Global Multi Asset Tactical Defensive Fund

Post dealing cut off at 4pm CET Thursday 13th May 2021 Post dealing cut off at 4pm CET on Friday 14th May 2021 Monday 17th May 2021

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