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  • What next for markets?

    As markets digest the implications of the EU referendum vote and the immediate volatility, many investors will be considering what the impacts are for both the UK and global markets. Listen to Fidelity’s webcast, where Nick Peters and Kevin O'Nolan took questions and discussed where markets could go from here.

  • Client guides

    To help reassure clients, Fidelity have prepared a couple of guides to help aid discussions with investors. They provide useful reminders of general investment principles to consider in times of market volatility.

  • A currency crisis in the wings?

    Fidelity’s Ian Spreadbury believes investors have a false sense of security about the impact politics can have on markets. In that context, the referendum was a stark wake-up call. The asset class most directly affected is currency, as shown by the sterling volatility. With further political upheaval a near certainty, are we heading for a global currency crisis?

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