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A message from Anne Richards

CEO, Fidelity International

As Governments review their lockdown exit strategies, what is clear is the path to some semblance of normality may not be smooth.

I wanted to reiterate that Fidelity International is here to support you with your financial needs as we journey through this continued uncertainty.

These are truly unprecedented times and I know some of you have expressed concerns around market volatility, while others have sought guidance on investing options or assistance as you approach retirement.

It’s natural to worry, but these market ups and downs are of course part of investing and in a volatile market prices aren’t always an accurate reflection of an asset’s real worth. Therefore, having an investment approach that focuses on the long term is key.

To help you do this, we always aim to keep you well informed about what is happening in the economy and the markets and what it all means for your investments. Our team of experts are working hard to analyse events and help guide you to the best possible investment outcomes. You can read our latest insights here. Of course, if you’re approaching retirement and need guidance or advice our experts can help.

We are continuing to do everything that we can to make it easy for you to monitor your portfolio and perform transactions. Don’t forget you can go online to:

  • Manage your account: You can add or withdraw cash and place transactions through our websites under the ‘Manage investments’ option on the menu
  • Manage your account using our apps: Download our iOS or Android apps to access your account from your mobile device
  • Send us a secure message: Use this option within your online account to contact us. You can find this under ‘Documents & messages’ in the top menu
  • Visit our website, including our ‘Help & support’ section: We have lots of useful information and you may well find the answers you're looking for there. View help and support.

We also understand that sometimes you will need to speak to us in person over the phone. Because of the market volatility, demand for our customer service colleagues - who have had to adapt to working from home due to the crisis - has been high, so sometimes we know that that you have experienced delays longer than we would like. I'm sorry if you’ve experienced this and really appreciate your patience.

Thank you for continuing to put your trust in Fidelity. I wish you and your loved ones continuing good health.

Yours sincerely

Anne Richards 
Chief Executive Officer 

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